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Dream Wedding
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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. By hiring Havilah decor & events managers, you can be rest assured that your dream wedding will become a reality.

We are well endowed to handle every aspect of the program, so you can truly sit back and enjoy your day, since it comes once in a lifetime.

From introduction to reception, we are at the heart of it, working tirelessly for you. We also have different packages tailored to meet every clients need.

Havilah decor has broken the lead on the common myth that only reach folks can have a dream wedding.


Honestly, having the cash to splash is not the only condition for a glamorous wedding but planning and organization. You can spend millions on a project and still be miserable about the outcome or rowdiness of the occasion.

When you come to us, discussing your plans are our greatest and first priority, if it's a well laid out one, we throw in all we've got to partner in making it happen, if not we advice, although ultimately it's still the celebrants call. GUARANTEED!!!